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benefitsNew Homes SmartMail Inc. Planning Direct Mail Campaigns for New Home Builders

New Homes Smart Mail Inc. gathers information on your community's traffic and sales history to determine where your prospects and buyers are coming from to develop a plan for your direct mail campaign.

We then develop a target market for your community and prepare a mailing list based on your budget.

For example, SmartMail was provided buyer information for the past 30 sales at Shiloh Grove, a Standard Pacific Homes community in Raleigh, North Carolina (townhomes from the $150s - $170s).  The information showed that:

  • 29 of the 30 buyers (97%) came from apartments; and
  • 21 of these 29 renter-buyers (over 70%) came from three neighboring zip codes.

Through SmartMail, Standard Pacific Homes markets directly to apartment renters paying $850 or more in rent in each of the three zip codes throughout the year.

The more you bring your market into focus, the less you'll need to spend to reach it.

This method of target marketing is the most effective way to deliver qualified prospects and sales to your new home communities.

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