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Targeting New Home Buyers

So with the clock ticking for your fiscal year, the question is how can you target your share of first time homebuyers? New Homes Smart Mail has a tested and proven method for targeting new home buyers. Having worked exclusively with New Home Builders through the ups and downs of the economy for many years we are now sharing a few proven methods to target the elusive home buyer.

Targeting New Home Buyers with Direct Mail

Direct mail allows you to create an effective sales message and choose exactly who receives that message. You reach only those who are likely to be interested in your new home community and who can afford your price point.

Everyone gets mail.  Your message will be received by your targeted audience. On the other hand, not everyone subscribes to the newspaper, hears a radio spot or sees a billboard.

Unlike print advertising (such as the newspaper or a magazine ad), direct mail provides personal, one-on-one attention with your prospects.

Targeting Apartment Renters with Direct Mail

Apartment renters are the most undervalued market segment for new home sales.

Unlike move-ups, renters have nothing to sell. This is especially significant in a struggling housing market and why an overwhelming majority of homebuyers will come from apartments.

Apartments no longer deliver just first-time homebuyers. They include RELOs, divorcees, young professionals, previous homeowners and growing families. These renters want their own home -- in particular, a new home.

For communities priced below $300,000, statistics show that a majority of buyers will come from apartments. Unlike other forms of marketing, direct mail allows you to market directly to apartment prospects.

Targeting New Home Buyers Requires The Right List

New Homes SmartMail Inc.maintains the most thorough and up-to-date apartment mailing lists available to homebuilders. Our apartment mailing lists are proprietary and unique, include Class A and Class B apartment communities only. Our lists also target apartment renters based on their monthly rent and proximity to your new home community. Best of all our apartment lists are updated regularly.

For more information about the process of targeting new home buyers with New Homes Smart Mail. Contact us today.

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