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on 19 March 2013. Posted in General News


Finding First Time Home Buyers

If you are a new home builder that is finding it difficult to market to first time home buyers, than look no further than right here with New Homes Smart Mail, Inc. New Homes Smart Mail is a specialized marketing company that focuses primarily on new home builders and we have a proprietary and proven method to locate first-time home buyers and drive them to your new home communities.

New Homes Smart Mail has the ability to find those first-time home buyers that you so desperately need.

Finding First Time Home Buyers

New Homes SmartMail Inc. can help you find first time home buyers  so you can sell more new homes, by helping you locate them and drive them to your new home communities. Smart Mail provides a complete turnkey service that includes develop and implementing a plan that will find first time buyers and drive that traffic to your communities and ultimately sell more homes.

Turnkey Plan To Find First Time Home Buyers

New Homes Smart Mail has created simple three step process to help you locate first time homebuyers.

  1. Planning & Budgeting to determine your sales market which consists of all the economically qualified prospects. We begin by analyzing your traffic patterns to drive more traffic & sales to your communities.
  2. Creative Artwork: We create effective art designed specifically for your target market to obtain the best results for your mailing.
  3. Mailing: A complete turnkey service. We can mail to your prospects.

Proven Results

Rest assured. Our plan to help you sell more homes to home buyers is a proven method and has years of success behind it. New Homes Smart Mail specializes in marketing new home communities directly to apartment renters, first-time homebuyers and move-ups. If you are interested in driving more traffic to your communities than look no further than our success stories.

New Home SmartMail can help you convert prospects into buyers. If you want more information call or email us today.

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