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Are Builders Putting Too Much Emphasis on Online Marketing?

on 19 March 2013. Posted in General News

reallocate_98297336Every builder faces the same question: Is our team creating the best marketing plan and implementing it to attract the most qualified buyers? While most builders appreciate that their website is one of the most important components of marketing and know that their prospects research the market online before setting foot in a sales environment, far too many believe that the Internet has become the end-all be-all. Truly builders should be supporting their online communication with multiple forms of advertising.

Often overlooked is reaching potential buyers before they even decide they want to be a homeowner. In todays market there are so many potential buyers that are renting not knowing about or fearing the home buying process. Can they get approved for a mortgage, can they afford it, etc. These are potential home buyers that are not even in the market and yes you can reach them.

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