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Young Americans are less likely to own homes compared to the past

on 19 March 2013. Posted in National News

youngbuyersCompared to their peers 10 years ago, today’s young Americans are less likely to: own a home (34% in 2011 versus 38% in 2001) or have a mortgage (35% in 2010 versus 38% in 2007). This trend is most probably due to our recent economy. Young Americans were also more likely to graduate without a job.

As young American's get on their feet, secure jobs, and gravitate towards marriage and children, so will there need for attaining the American Dream of owning a home. It will be up to the builder to dispel the myths of the recession and educate the young new buyer of the pros and how to's of purchasing and owning a new home.

New Homes Smart Mail knows how and can help you get the right message into the hands of young potential buyers with the means to purchase. While this effort may initially seem daunting, it is not with New Homes SmartMail on your side. We have proven results. Call or email us for more information.

Original story can be found at BuilderOnline.com

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